Volbella – The New Miracle Filler is Here!

Thanks to the genius of Allergan, we have been lucky to have Juvederm and Voluma available as our preferred facial fillers for many years. It is no secret that my staff and I have benefited from the use of these products ourselves. One of the problems that we have faced is how to treat the tiny superficial lines around the lips and the crow’s feet. Well, we now have the answer we have been waiting for. Volbella is the latest filler in the Allergan product line to be released for use in very fine facial lines. Thanks to their new technology this filler can be injected directly into the upper dermis to erase lines without creating a visible ridge or bulge. It also does not result in the bluish discoloration that can sometimes be seen with the use of other products injected into very superficial areas. We have been successfully treating lips and crow’s feet with Volbella since its release last year with a resounding thumbs up from all of our patients. Call and ask for a personal evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this amazing new product.