Why is Cellfina™ the number one choice for removal of cellulite?

The short answer is that it works great every time. As a female plastic surgeon, I can tell you this is the most exciting new technology to have come out in the last 15 years. My patients and I had become disillusioned by the endless claims of “cellulite smoothing creams” and relatively useless devices to “remove cellulite with tissue heating.” Finally, someone has paid attention to what actually causes cellulite dimpling and found a way to treat it.

Women develop dimples over their buttocks and thighs because we have thin fibrous bands of tissue that tether our skin to the underlying muscle. These are present from birth and can be noticeable even in fit, trim young girls. Cellulite dimples cannot be removed with diet or liposuction. In fact, suctioning of fat just under the skin can make the dimpling worse. The only way to remove the dimples is to cut the fibrous bands, letting the skin “snap free” and become flush with the surrounding tissue.

Until recently, finding a way to cut these bands was very challenging. Ideally, we would like to achieve this result with the least amount of trauma to the underlying tissue and with little or no visible surface scars. The Cellfina™ device allows us to hold the tissue firmly with a special suction cup system so that we can cut the band with a tiny little blade that leaves a hole the size of an injection needle. The same suction device also allows us to inject local anesthesia for the procedure with little discomfort. This is how we can offer this treatment in a calm, quiet office setting under local anesthesia.

Since the trauma to the tissue is limited and there are no incisions, recovery is very rapid. Some women return to work the next day and resume all other normal activities within a couple of weeks. Since we started performing this procedure in our office, I have become more and more impressed by the quality of the results and our patients have been extremely gratified by the rapid improvement of buttock and thigh contours. Cellfina™ cellulite treatment is one of the rare breakthroughs in our field that truly delivers what it promises.

Elias Plastic Surgery recorded a Cellfina™ procedure from start to finish, which you can watch on our YouTube channel. You’ll be impressed with the ease of the procedure and the patient’s comfort throughout.