Why lipo-contouring is superior to Kybella for reducing chin and neck fat

We have all heard the latest promotional blasts for Kybella as a way to reduce fat necks and double chins. What they haven’t told us is that there is already a “tried and true” method to achieve even better results! We perform lipo-contouring of the neck comfortably in the office under local anesthesia and the procedure takes only a single one-hour session. Kybella requires 4-6 one-hour treatments and can be quite uncomfortable. The cost of lipo-contouring is $1200 – $1500 TOTAL while Kybella can add up to $3000 – $4000 for all of the required treatments. Would you rather wait up to six months to see the results or see a beautiful neck in one month?

Our patients are amazed at how easy the process is and how they can resume normal activities within 2-3 days. See for yourself and decide if this is the right choice for you.

Diana L. Elias, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Castle Connolly Top Doctor